Friday, 1 November 2019

The Bushranger's Wife

The Bushranger's Wife

Cheryl Adnams

The Bushranger's Wife by Cheryl Adnams

Reviewed by Helen

This book is set in the colonial days of Australia in Ballarat Victoria, it is a fabulous page turner, exciting, filled with witty banter and a beautiful romance between Jack the Devil, bushranger and the lovely Prudence Stanforth newly arrived from England, as Jack holds up Pru’s carriage a connection is made that will see them forge a future.

Pru has come to live in Australia with her grandmother, as granddaughter to an Earl she has been bought up with all of the luxuries that a lady could want, but Pru needs more she loves the thought of adventure. She loses a special locket in the holdup that has a lot of meaning to her, and when she meets respectable businessman Jack Fairweather at a race meeting she recognizes him and a kiss for her locket opens up a whole new world for Pru of adventure and love when she runs from her family and into the arms of Jack.

Jack has two lives one as bushranger and one a respectable businessman, he came to Australia for the gold rush but found his living holding up carriages he is known as the gentleman bushranger, and has no intention of ever having a wife, but when he meets the lovely Prudence on a heist he is smitten good and proper, and when he finds her riding through the bush very upset he takes her home, and a marriage is arranged and quickly, he has totally lost his heart to this beautiful feisty and adventurous woman.

I loved the setting for this story I always enjoy our colonial days and MS Adnams’s has bought the era to life with her fabulous descriptions of the time, but she has also had me falling for the cheeky gentleman bushranger Jack he truly is a lovable character even if he is on the wrong side of the law he was the perfect hero for Pru, her grandmother had never been able to take away that need for adventure from her and Jack was the man to give her that and the love that would bring joy and happiness. This is a fast paced story with all of the feels that a fabulous romance should have, I do highly recommend this one. 

4 stars

Published August 1st 2019 by Escape Publishing