Thursday, 31 October 2019

The Good Woman of Renmark

The Good Woman of Renmark

Darry Fraser

The Good Woman of Renmark by Darry Fraser

Reviewed by Helen

I love this cover and the setting Darry Fraser has taken us back to the days of paddle steamers along a river system that could be hard work at times with drought and snags in the river, but she also bought to life the woman of the time, not having the vote yet becoming housewives and mothers with not much say in their lives. I loved meeting Maggie O’Rourke with the strength she showed through some tough times even when she was a wee bit vulnerable, and the man Sam Taylor who had her heart.

Maggie is working at Olivewood in Renmark earning money, she wanted to be independent, she didn’t want marriage and children even if Sam had wormed his way into her heart, but when she and a friend are attacked by a local man and Maggie defends them and then needs to get away running downriver, this was such a dangerous path to take, she has plenty of time to think about her life, and that maybe marriage to Sam might be what she needs.

Sam is asked by Maggie’s mother to find her missing daughter, there has been an accident at their property in Eucha, Sam is unsure the last time he was with Maggie it ended badly and all of his letters returned, but he goes with the intention of finding her and bringing her home and not doing what his heart thinks he should, that is harder than he thinks with his stubborn Maggie.

This one is a real page turner, fast paced, exciting and moving there are some very nasty characters, and of course the fabulous Sam and Maggie with a cast of characters that we have met in previous books, this one is beautifully written MS Fraser has made this era come to life, made me feel like I was there with her descriptions, but of course the beautiful romance between the ever strong willed Maggie and Sam the hero loveable, handsome and just who Maggie needed was so good, thank you MS Fraser for another keeper.

5 stars

Expected publication: November 18th 2019 by HarperCollins