Wednesday, 22 January 2020

The Sinful Scot

The Sinful Scot

Saints and Scoundrels #3

Maddison Michaels

The Sinful Scot by Maddison Michaels

Reviewed by Helen

This one is emotional with so much happening there are issues about domestic abuse but also another gorgeous romance, MS Michaels has taken us on a journey that is action packed, as we get to see the gorgeous and caring Doctor Alec McGuiness find the love of his life in Constance Campbell, the Duchess of Kilmaine, there is a lot of mayhem before they get to their HEA but it is a journey that I truly enjoyed.

Constance grew up wanting to marry a Duke, she was sure that this would be the life for her and when she meets Duncan, The Duke of Kilmaine, and becomes his Duchess, her life is turned upside down he is a cruel beast and she hides behind a wall playing the perfect duchess, when she meets her old friend Alec at a ball her mind is taken back to another time in her life.

Alec is back in Scotland and attends a ball to check up on his old friend Connie and even though she would have nothing to do with him years before she still affects him enough to feel that something is not right with her life. When her husband is found murdered in their bed he helps her escape as she is accused of his murder, he must do what he can to protect her and find out who has set her up, and keep his feelings for her under control because love and marriage will never be for Alec after the people he has loved before have left him.

Oh my what a fabulous story this one is, MS Michaels knows how to write a story that will win the hearts of the readers, I loved Alec he is strong and caring, such a wonderful hero and Connie is strong and vulnerable at the same time, with its witty banter and danger around every corner threatening Alec and Connie, this one is a page turner and one I highly recommend, I have to say the Sottish Highlands is one of my favourite places for a story, this one is moving and emotional. MS Michaels has taken on some matters that sadly happen too often and treated them with respect and in a caring way, don’t miss this one.

5 stars

Expected publication: January 27th 2020 by Entangled Publishing LLC (Amara)

Monday, 20 January 2020

Her Dark Knight's Redemption by Nicole Locke

Reviewed by Nas Dean

HER DARK KNIGHT’S REDEMPTION by Nicole Locke is a January 2020 release by Harlequin Historical series release.

Aliette has a good heart but an empty stomach. And she has more mouths to feed. She found abandoned kids from the street and they were family now. But now the Darkness wants her. He is a stranger and a knight.

He wants her to help him with his small baby. But where was the mother of the baby? And what are the secrets he is hiding? Will he ever trust her enough to tell?

HER DARK KNIGHT’S REDEMPTION is an interesting and intriguing story. Author Nicole Locke brought these two characters together who are strong in their own rights. Once you start reading this story you would want to finish it to find out the whole tale and how it all ends.

Highly recommended for all readers of historical romance.


Thursday, 16 January 2020



Regency Rockstars #1

Sasha Cottman

Reid by Sasha Cottman

Reviewed by Helen

I really enjoyed this book, I do love a good regency but this one is so different from the normal regency, it is steamy and fun and had me turning the pages as we see Reid meet his match in Lavinia, singing teacher with a strength that shines. If you are looking for something a bit different then I suggest picking this one up and how fabulous, it is part of a series.

Lord Reid Follett loves being with woman and since returning from Waterloo he has not had a problem taking care of his lustful ways, that is until a group of Italian musicians lands in London and seems to be taking over, and going without sex is not good for Reid or his friends, so they form their own group known as the Nobel Lords and Reid is conducting and singing, it is not long before he decides that singing lessons are needed and when he meets L Jones singing teacher, Reid’s life is about to change dramatically, in a good way.

Lavinia Jones is a widowed mother of a young son and gives singing lessons to make ends meet, but when Lord Follett arrives to request lessons feelings that she has not had for a long time are coming to life but keeping their relationship as teacher, student is not easy, because Reid is an easy man to fall in love with, only Lavinia will control how things happen.

Reid had no intention of falling in love or marrying just yet and falling for the beautiful Lavinia took him by surprise but she knows what she wants and how, when he discovers her past he is more determined to make her his, Lavinia is strong, loving and caring and takes things in hand with Reid so beautifully. I really did enjoy this story there were lots of smiles as Reid and Lavinia find their HEA and getting to know the other Lords was lots of fun I am looking forward to their stories. This is one that I highly recommend if you enjoy a story with a twist.

5 stars

Published January 14th 2020

Friday, 10 January 2020

The Daughter of Victory Lights

The Daughter of Victory Lights

Kerri Turner

The Daughter of Victory Lights by Kerri Turner

Reviewed by Helen

This was a compelling and poignant read that had me turning the pages, it starts off with part one during World War 2 England and then part two England 1963, such a moving story about people and what they do during and after the war, how their lives change and looks into their feelings, I thoroughly enjoyed this one, it is emotional so some tissues will be needed.

Evelyn Bell is living with her married sister during the war and volunteers to do her bit against her sisters wishes she ends up working for the volunteer woman’s searchlight regiment and loves what she does, but as the war ends and Evelyn is back home with her sister she feels like she needs to be doing something. When at a festival she discovers a group of entertainers, who live and perform from a ship The Victory there are many acts onboard and Evelyn finds herself a job and feels needed again.

The years pass and Evie as she is known now travels around Europe with the show and becomes part of the family, most of them have secrets and emotions that have come through life and the war. Evie and another worker Flynn get very close but Flynn suffers from his part in the war and their time together is not easy. Tragedy changes everything and people move on as best they can.

In 1963 a young girl Lucy is rescued by a total stranger who knows her parents and taken to the Isle of Wight, here she finds love and friendship from past performers on The Victory and finally answers to questions never before answered about her mother Evelyn Bell.

This story is beautifully written, taking in the emotions of people, the struggles they have and finally finding that happiness, yes I cried and I cheered the characters on in this story I felt for them so much, in the years they performed and worked lights to make people happy they suffered in so many different ways. This is a moving and emotional story that MS Turner has bought to life on the pages, the descriptions made me feel like I was watching the shows, a fabulous story that I highly recommend.

5 stars

Expected publication: January 20th 2020 by HQ Fiction

Sunday, 29 December 2019

The Diamond Hunter

The Diamond Hunter

Fiona McIntosh

The Diamond Hunter by Fiona McIntosh

Reviewed by Helen

This is the first book from MS McIntosh that I have read and it won’t be the last, she transported me back to the diamond rush days in Africa it is 1870’s when we get to meet six year old Clementine Knight and share her moving journey to adulthood.

James and Louisa Knight with their daughter Clementine are leaving the wealth and England that Louisa is used to make a new life in Australia, James is a poor Scotsman, an engineer but he loves his wife and daughter, but when the ship reaches Africa James decides that staying here and searching for diamonds will change their lives, life doesn’t turn out the way he thought when his beloved Louisa loses her life to Malaria and he is left to bring his daughter up in a shanty town, but they have befriended a Zulu warrior who Clem names Joseph One- Shoe, Joseph and Clem share a special bond, they teach each other so much and life goes on.

Joseph and James finally find the big rock they have been searching for and it is time for a return to England but when James brother in law Reggie arrives to take Clementine back to the Grant family and her heritage and the life he feels she should have, things change when James loses his life and Reggie takes young Clem away from Joseph the man who has been a father to her and the diamonds disappear.

Clementine grows up in wealth looked after by her uncle, they have a good life and although Clem never forgets Joseph a lot of her memories of her life have been buried, that is until Will comes into her life and memories are starting to return and she wants to solve the mystery of the diamonds and find Joseph One-Shoe.

This is a compelling story one that had me turning the pages, beautifully written the settings and the scenery feel so real, the characters come to life and the story is moving and poignant, the love and bond that a young Clem and Joseph share is beautiful, I loved this one and highly recommend it to anyone who loves a great read, this is a story to fall into with lots of emotions, thank you MS McIntosh and Penguin Books Australia.

5 stars

Published November 1st 2019 by Penguin Random House Australia

Thursday, 19 December 2019

The Girl in the Painting

The Girl in the Painting

Tea Cooper

The Girl in the Painting by Tea Cooper

Reviewed by Helen

Tea Cooper is a fabulous story teller and this book was beautifully written, a wonderful read with rich and engaging characters, I got to know Michael and Elizabeth so well, I felt their emotions as we journeyed from England to Australia in times that were tough and exciting a time of change, this is a captivating story that had me turning the pages.

The late 1860’s and a young Michal O’Cuinn is emigrating with his young sister Elizabeth to Australia to meet up with his parents, things don’t turn out as planned and Michael leaves Elizabeth in Sydney while he travels to the gold mining town of Hill End in New South Wales, the news is not good when he gets there but Michael is determined to give all he has to make a future for him and Elizabeth, he finally brings her to Hill End where she grows and learns so much and together they work hard and move onto Maitland.

It is now 1913 and Michael and Elizabeth are very successful business owners in Maitland, they are generous people and well liked they take on a young orphan Jane Piper (I loved Jane) who is mathematically gifted and the three get on very well running the auction house, until an exhibition of paintings by an English artist comes to town and Elizabeth has a turn or a dilemma and finds herself not acting normally, Michael is determined to help his beloved sister but he must also confess a secret and gets Jane who is ever logical to help solve the mystery. The mystery thickens is there a link to the paintings?

I don’t want to give too much away, I highly recommend that you read this one, MS Cooper has taken me on a trip back in time, the setting and descriptions are so good and along with Michael, Elizabeth and Jane there are other characters that add a lot to this story, the reality of Hill End and the beauty of Maitland were so well done, this one had me racing to the end of the book I really needed to know the outcome of the mystery, I loved the ending lots of smiles from me. I loved this one, you have done it again MS Cooper, you rock fabulous story, don’t miss this one.

5 stars

Published December 16th 2019 by HarperCollins Publishers Australia

Wednesday, 4 December 2019

The Highlander's Christmas Quest

The Highlander's Christmas Quest

The Lairds Most Likely #5

Anna Campbell

The Highlander’s Christmas Quest by Anna Campbell

Reviewed by Helen

If you are looking for a quick, Christmas story filled with lots of witty banter, a hero who is determined to play Sir Galahad and a strong beautiful determined heroine to win his heart then this is the book you should pick up, loved it from page one.

Dougal Drummond sets of on a quest to save a damsel in distress that he has heard of and make her his wife and no even foul weather just on Christmas will stop his quest that is until his boat is blown of course and he lands on the Isle of Askaval and he meets the lairds daughter Kirsty Macbain, but even this woman is not going to stop him going after his goal of being a knight in shining armour or maybe not when she is all he can think of.

Kirsty Macbain and the people of Askaval don’t stand on ceremony on this Isle and when on her morning ride she discovers a boat on the shore damaged by the storm and brings to the isle a man who wins her heart on first sight, they get on well as he does with the people of the isle, but Kirsty will do what she can to keep this man here even if he is so determined to complete his quest, not seeing what he could have here, or does he?

Another fabulous tale from Anna Campbell, I loved Dougal and Kirsty and the lengths that Kirsty went too, to keep the man that she fell for, for Dougal it took some time to get past the need to save the damsel in distress even though the he could only see the beautiful Kirsty, when he returns on Christmas Day there is joy all around, the love shines and a sensual future is ahead, a sigh worthy story with lots of smiles This is one that I highly recommend, you can’t go wrong with a Scottish hero on an Isle at Christmas time, thank you Anna Campbell.

5 stars

Published November 26th 2019