Wednesday, 4 December 2019

The Highlander's Christmas Quest

The Highlander's Christmas Quest

The Lairds Most Likely #5

Anna Campbell

The Highlander’s Christmas Quest by Anna Campbell

Reviewed by Helen

If you are looking for a quick, Christmas story filled with lots of witty banter, a hero who is determined to play Sir Galahad and a strong beautiful determined heroine to win his heart then this is the book you should pick up, loved it from page one.

Dougal Drummond sets of on a quest to save a damsel in distress that he has heard of and make her his wife and no even foul weather just on Christmas will stop his quest that is until his boat is blown of course and he lands on the Isle of Askaval and he meets the lairds daughter Kirsty Macbain, but even this woman is not going to stop him going after his goal of being a knight in shining armour or maybe not when she is all he can think of.

Kirsty Macbain and the people of Askaval don’t stand on ceremony on this Isle and when on her morning ride she discovers a boat on the shore damaged by the storm and brings to the isle a man who wins her heart on first sight, they get on well as he does with the people of the isle, but Kirsty will do what she can to keep this man here even if he is so determined to complete his quest, not seeing what he could have here, or does he?

Another fabulous tale from Anna Campbell, I loved Dougal and Kirsty and the lengths that Kirsty went too, to keep the man that she fell for, for Dougal it took some time to get past the need to save the damsel in distress even though the he could only see the beautiful Kirsty, when he returns on Christmas Day there is joy all around, the love shines and a sensual future is ahead, a sigh worthy story with lots of smiles This is one that I highly recommend, you can’t go wrong with a Scottish hero on an Isle at Christmas time, thank you Anna Campbell.

5 stars

Published November 26th 2019