Saturday, 30 November 2019

The Dragon Sleeps

The Dragon Sleeps

The Thornton Mysteries #1

Ellen Read

The Dragon Sleeps by Ellen Read

Reviewed by Helen

This is the first book that I have read from this author and I look forward to more, this book has a great mystery surrounding mythical dragons and a lovely romance to go with it and the setting is so good 1927 Melbourne, fabulous fashions and a beautiful estate, I really enjoyed getting to know the Thornton family and their friends.

Thomas Thornton runs an antique store he is widowed with a beautiful twenty one year old daughter Alexandra, they are popular socialites and weekend parties are held often, this particular party Alexandra is hoping to let her farther know that she wants to be an antique dealer and carry on in the family business, the shop’s manager Benedict Archer has been teaching her and getting to know her well.

This weekend is small with some visiting guests, a Chinese father and son who have delivered a rather unique Ming dragon statue and another couple the Buckleys and Edith Blackburn Alexandra’s best friend. When a request is made to Thomas to show the guests some artefacts from a very secure room and an offer to purchase these is denied things get a bit dangerous when a body is found on the estate.

This is a story that pulled me in there is a lot going on, I do love the era this is written in the 1920’s they were glamourous and there were lots of changes coming through especially for woman and Alexandra was one very strong heroine and the beautiful romance that grew between her and Benedict was so loving the need to protect was formidable. This story is intriguing and a page turner, one that I do very much recommend and I do look forward to more in the series and getting to know more about the wonderful characters, thank you MS Read.

4 stars

Published November 10th 2019 by Crimson Cloak Publishing