Thursday, 25 September 2014

Bellissima by Anya Richards

Reviewed by Desere

Jane Rollins is anything but a plain Jane, but in order to keep her position as housekeeper for a wealthy family she hides her beauty and just goes on working every day, with no problems. That is until the master of dance Sergio Fontini waltzes into her life. 

Sergio sees the real beauty that lies behind the drab clothes and he wants to badly uncover it for all the world to see. The question of course is why would Jane even let him do so, she's been working real hard to keep up the facade in the first place. 
Then there's the matter of life of death, for if Sergio persists and seduces Jane it will put both their livelihoods at risk, and then there will be nothing left for them and one cannot survive on love along, right ? 

This read was a little different than what I usually read, it was still romance but with the different setting I can't say I was completely comfortable, kind of like when you know everyone knows a secret but you are the last to know. 

I liked the passion and romance that sparkles between Sergio and Jane, and I absolutely adored that Sergio could see the real Jane , it was a really nice and sweet touch especially because I did not really see that coming , it 's something I expect to pop up in contemporary romance reads but in historical I was thinking more they meet , but their love is forbidden and then they find a way kind of element , but the author as I said surprised me and I really liked it. 

I great message about how there is always a way to make things work, it might look bleak but it will work out if you look hard enough there's a way. 

4 star review 
" He sees her, the real her, but will she let him keep her?" 

Reviewed by Nas
BELLISSIMA by author Anya Richards is a September 2014 release by Samhain Publishing.

It's super hot, historical saga. I loved this author Anya Richards writing. She brought to live the settings of the era so beautifully that I felt I was in that era with the hero and the heroine.