Wednesday, 12 September 2018

To Charm a Bluestocking

To Charm a Bluestocking

The Bluestockings Series #1

Renee Dahlia

To Charm A Bluestocking by Renée Dahlia

Reviewed by Helen

I read the second book in this series when it came out and loved it, so when I realized it was the second one I bought this one, the first and it waited a while for me to get to it, and now I have the third one waiting for me I decided it was time to read Josephine’s story, I love these girls all aiming to be Doctors in a world that was not easy for them back in 1887. A rocky journey Josephine has not only in her studies but with the man that is sent to protect her.

Josephine is a shy bluestocking and feels so out of place in England socializing is not one of her favourite things and she wants to be a Doctor and Holland is the better place to study, so she starts her four years of training makes friends with Marie and Claire, and does well but when she is being harassed by one of the professors it is time to ask her father for help, and this brings Lord Nicholas St George to the rescue, and Josephine is hard pressed to keep her feelings under control.

Nicholas has worked with Josephine’s father as a spy for many years and is happy to arrive and pretend to be her fiancé to keep her safe, he is also investigating another matter, except when he first meets Josephine his blood heats up like it never has with any other woman, and instant attraction makes him want her for real not pretend. When he realizes that the other matter he is working is linked to the professor, things get very dangerous and he is determined to protect this strong willed woman all the more.

This one was a little slow to start but then wow it moved fast and the heat that sparks between them could melt the snow that is falling, there is a lot happening with riots and danger and Josephine is so stubborn about being told what to do, when Nicholas is badly injured the three girls who are now Doctors work to save him and love blooms brightly in such a sensual way, I do highly recommend this book and I am looking forward the next book in this series, thank you MS Dahlia for a fabulous story.

4/5 stars for a great story

Published March 1st 2017 by Escape Publishing - Harlequin Enterprises, Australia Pty