Saturday, 2 December 2017

The Christmas Stranger

The Christmas Stranger

Anna Campbell

The Christmas Stranger by Anna Campbell

Reviewed by Helen

MS Campbell knows how to tell a story, a story of romance and love and with such a sensual pull, her characters are heroes and heroines that are worthy of being friends and will keep you turning the pages. This one has a gorgeous Christmas setting with snow storms and a lonely girl and a take charge architect from the aristocracy who meet on a cold dark night, two very different people meant to be together.

Society Architect Josiah Hale has been asked to check over his Godfather’s manor in Yorkshire, Joss is happy to go at this time of the year to keep clear of his mother’s meddling trying to get him married off, but he never expects to find the gorgeous young housekeeper Margaret Carr opening the door to him with a fire poker in her hand. What happens next will change Joss’s mind on marriage and bring out the true romantic in him.

Maggie has been alone for five years since her mother passed away, she is the housekeeper at the manor with only one other companion Jane and she is away this Christmas so it will be an even quieter Christmas for Maggie than usual, that is until she opens the door to a stranger in the dead of night in the middle of a snow storm, Joss is a big burly man a bit gruff but he soon brings the manor and Maggie back to life she is laughing and having fun while falling in love oh that first kiss sets her heart aflutter.

This is a fabulous story, yes a real fairy tale that had me thoroughly engrossed I loved Joss and his romantic ways and how he bought vulnerable Maggie back to life again, it really is such a feel good story filled with joy, happiness a sensual romance and of course it is filled with Christmas spirit. You rock MS Campbell, an awesome story such a hero in Joss I want Joss oh and Maggie is strong and vulnerable and beautiful thank you for making me smile

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published November 16th 2017 by Anna Campbell