Thursday, 20 April 2017

Charming Sir Charles

Charming Sir Charles

Dashing Widows #5

Anna Campbell

Charming Sir Charles by Anna Campbell

Reviewed by Helen

MS Campbell you have done it again what a story I love your writing voice the sensuality you bring out on the pages the depth of personality from your hero and heroine had me turning the pages sighing, smiling and really cheering them both one because they did need a little push to fund that awesome HEA.

Sally Cowan Countess of Norwood is widowed and has decided that it is time to have some fun so she has come to town to chaperone her niece Meg. Sally’s marriage was not a good one and she has no intention of marrying again she is convinced she is way too old but when the suitor that she has decided would be great for Meg has her falling for his charms what is she to do, someone needs to make her see the truth and a few of her friends the other widows and the wonderful Meg start the ball rolling.

Sir Charles Kinglake has fallen for the beautiful Sally Cowan at first sight and ensures that he is around as much as possible but Sally seems to have her wires crossed on who he is trying to court what is he to do pounce perhaps and with a little help from Meg he has a wonderful sensual afternoon with Sally, but it doesn’t end as he planned.

This one has all the boxes ticked for a fabulous historical romance the setting, the characters I loved Charles he is so good and Sally is as well but she has been hurt before and needs to build that confidence and Charles is perfect for her. Thank you MS Campbell for another story that had me smiling and sighing.

5/5 stars for a great story

Published February 27th 2017