Sunday, 6 December 2015

Charming the Professor by Donna MacMeans

Charming the Professor

Donna MacMeans

Charming the Professor by Donna MacMeans

Reviewed by Helen

This is a fabulous story that will make you smile laugh and yes have you grabbing for the tissues as well it is a story that will take you from Madrid in 1853 to New Orleans now and to such a lovely HEA along a path that has ups and downs as you would expect when one travels into the future.

Senorita Madeline Charlebois is know as a charm teacher in Queen Isabella 11 court and she is charming and beautiful much to the Queen's dislike and Queen Isabella wants her gone permanently so she calls in Padre Rodriquez and with him being and alchemist and some new discoveries Madeline or Maddie as she is know to her friends finds herself in modern day New Orleans and as Maddie discovers the modern world and how different it is you will be smiling.

Professor Grant Stewart has been through heart break he is a single father who spends most of his time working hard at the Tulane University he is a professor of quantum physics and does not want love again he loves his daughter Kimberly but has trouble finding babysitters for her but that is all about to change along with his life, when he is at a restaurant in The City near The Charm gates lightning strikes and a beautiful woman dressed in period clothing basically lands on him and so a wonderful journey begins.

This really is a great story that had me turning the pages Maddie is wary of opening up and telling her true story but she knows somehow that the professor is the key to her returning home there are twists and turns in the story that you will enjoy it is heart-warming and sensual as Maddie and Grant cannot deny the spark between them. The setting is awesome I really need to visit new Orleans but when there is interference from friends things change quickly.

I highly recommend this story it is the start of a new series and I look forward to more of them I hope I have done this story justice because it really is a great read that should not be missed, thank you MS MacMeans for hours of reading pleasure. 

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

 Published November 25th 2015