Monday, 9 March 2015

By The Sword by Alison Stuart

 Reviewed by Nas

BY THE SWORD by author Alison Stuart is a March 2015 release by Escape Publishing, the digital arm of Harlequin Australia. 

Kate Ashley, a widow is mum to a nine year old son. Jonathan, her late husband’s cousin is a hunted man in exile so the family estate would go to Kate’s son. 

Meeting Jonathan for the first time, Kate feels attracted but they are kept apart. The story is beautifully written and the plot is intricately woven so you feel yourself living in Kate’s shoes. 

BY THE SWORD has vivid description of the era and the war. But the romance between our hero Jon and heroine Kate is of second chances and making new choices. 

Highly recommended for all lovers of historical romance fiction.

Reviewed by Maria

There is no one like author Alison Stuart for bringing alive the atmosphere of England during the civil war years.  Alas, this is a neglected period of history for historical authors who have literally done Regency to death and then some.   I always find myself reading Alison Stuart's books with the greatest of pleasure.  Her writing embodies everything I love about historical fiction - a trip back to a bygone age when life was somewhat slower and less in our control.

Alison Stuart beautifully depicts the dilemma of everyday people caught up in the struggle between the Royalists and the Roundheads, the Catholic people clinging to their old faith and the adherants to the Protestant sect, stepping into the unknown to rediscover their Christianity in a faith unbound by much idolatry and traditions.  All in all, fascinating reading indeed.  The love story between Royalist Jonathan Thornton and Puritan widow Kate Ashley is sensitively shown

I'd advise any reader of good historical fiction to get their hands on this book. Five stars for sure and certain.