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A Kiss of Lies by Bronwen Evans

Bronwen Evans
A Kiss of Lies
Review by TashNz

A Kiss of Lies by Bronwen Evans a January 13 release and is the first of 6 books in Bronwen's new Disgraced Lords series with Random House Love Swept.

I love Historicals because I'm only limited by my imagination and my imagination runs overtime while I'm being swept thru London, Jamaica and Canada in 1815 via Ship or Carriage with Christian, Earl of Markham, his newly acquired ward Lily and Lily's mysterious Governess Mrs Sarah Cooper.  

We meet Christian as he's being forced to wake up from a drunken stupor in the local whore house.  As he comes to he realises he has a sword pointing at his throat and is being accused of the most heinous crime of raping Harriet, a young debutante and daughter of a Duke.  He's thrown on a boat to Canada and four months later we meet Mrs Sarah Cooper, our lovely but mysterious heroine, being interviewed by Christian for the position of Governess for his newly appointed ward Lily.  Sarah is hired to be Lily's Governess and accompany both Christian and Lily back to London.  It's time for Christian to clear his name.

During Sarah's first night with Christian and Lily the household is awoken to screams.  Christian is having nightmares.  He's  disfigured on one side of his face and body from being trapped in a fire.  When he sleeps he remembers it all and regularly has nightmares about it.  Sarah's not frightened of Christians appearance, in fact she used to admire him from afar in another life, one she's removed herself far far away from. Her calming instincts have her going to Christian, wanting to calm him and make it better.  Before she knows what's happening she's stealing secret kisses from Christian.  She thinks he's slept thru it but little does she know Christians awoken and while amazed that he's not having to pay someone to kiss him (because of his scars), he can't believe how much he's enjoying Sarah's kisses and makes it his mission to have more at a later stage.

Christian and Sarah's attraction to each other and growing love for one another is one of the main story lines but not long after the stolen kisses I was swept away on a thoroughly thrilling world-wide adventure.  Nothing is as it seems and there's very many questions to be answered.  Who is the mysterious men hot on Sarah's tail?  What is Sarah running away from?  Who set up Christian and framed him for rape?  Who killed his regular girl?  Can Christian find love after being so horridly disfigured?  Can Sarah find love after suffering all that she has?

I love Historicals.  I love the simplistic thinking of historical characters because they're not burdened with today's technology. They can ride their horses at break neck speed or they can walk thru beautiful gardens, attend balls and be wild and raucous as the time will allow them.  It's thrilling to bend society's rules with the hope of not getting caught!  Long trips at sea prove great settings for close and confined interactions.  Balls are fabulous excuses to dress beyond handsomely.    

A Kiss of Lies doesn't disappoint.  It's filled to the brim with the thrilling mystery and the exciting adventure story line that has things happening left right and centre.  There's loads of fab conversations between the two and Christian doesn't disappoint.  Sarah's story is completed but Christian's is not and because of this I can not wait for Book 2, A Promise of More.

I see from Bronwen's website she's doing a month long blog hop to celebrate the release. Details here.  Find Bronwen: FacebookTwitterBlog 

4 Moonlit Stars

Reviewed by Desere

A brilliantly crafted romance set in a world historical fans can only dream of truly experiencing. With this read it is as close as it gets.

Whilst being taken from London to Jamaica and Canada, I was swept away by the authors very vivid descriptions on surroundings that today you can view with the click of a button and not even come close to how stunning it all is or how amazing it was back in 1815.

The romance in this read was blazing hot! The mystery of the thugs on Sarah's trail just made the read even more interesting and action packed.

Loved every minute and I highly recommend this read for all historical fans.

4.5 star review 

" Caution : Stolen Kisses may lead to a web of lies "