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Far Horizons by Kate Hewitt

Reviewed by Nas

Far Horizons (The Emigrants Trilogy)

FAR HORIZONS is book one of the migrant trilogy by author Kate Hewitt.

It is based in the year 1819, when Scots started migrating to `the new world' Canada.

On the eve of travelling to Canada, Allan MacDougall asks Harriet Campbell to wait for him as he loved her. They have been childhood friends. When Harriet knew that Allan and his family
were about to migrate, she kept waiting for him to speak. But he went to her
father. Harriet's father told Allan that he needed to be his own man with
property to his name before he will let his daughter marry him. And he forbade
him to speak to her about it. Yet Allan couldn't really not say anything before
going away so he talked to her. After getting Harriet's promise that she'll wait
for him, Allan is happy yet his own father considered this dishonorable and made
him return her letters and let her free.

The life is hard in the new landfor the migrant community. It's cold and harsh forbidding land and entails muchhard work to start a new life. But Allan held on by Harriet's love and works
hard to build and plough the land and make his father's landholding a prosperous place.

While back in Scotland, Harriet and her family had fallen on hard
times. Her father has taken to bed and they had had a bad year with their
produce. Their land and farm was in debt. Harriet held together her family by
sheer determination and hard work. But when her fifteen year old brother Ian,
forces her that he wanted to be the man of the house and do the deal by himself
of selling some land, she relents. Ian unsuspectingly gets into the clutches of
an unscrupulous man, who makes Ian sign over the whole land and their family
home as well. When a relative of this unscrupulous man offers marriage to
Harriet to save her family being thrown out on the streets, after much soul
searching she decides to take on the offer. As after all it had been nearly two
years now without a letter from Allan. But she finds a secret about this man
which makes it hard for her to marry him now. What is this secret? Will Harriet
marry him? What about Allan who had remained steadfast in his affections for
Harriet and was waiting for her?

FAR HORIZONS is an engrossing and enthralling story which would keep a reader riveted throughout. At times it is heartbreakingly emotional and will touch you and make your nerves raw. When Harriet does reach Canada only to find out Allan is dead is written very
sensitively. Then when they do get together at the end leaves you feeling
emotionally satisfied. Throughout the story Harriet's determination and courage
will amaze you. Kate Hewitt imbues her narrative with evocative period and
atmospheric detail. This historical romance is another breathtaking example of
author Kate Hewitt's outstanding storytelling prowess.

4.5 out of 5 Stars!

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