Thursday, 27 July 2017

The Knight's Scarred Maiden

The Knight's Scarred Maiden

Lovers and Legends #5

Nicole Locke

The Knight's Scarred Maiden by Nicole Locke

Reviewed by Helen

This is a beauty and the beast troupe and one that had me turning the pages, this is the first time I have read one of MS Locke’s stories and I look forward to more she really knows how to pack some emotion and sensuality with her words. Sit back and enjoy Rhain and Helissent’s journey to a HEA that will leave you smiling.

Helissent is scarred badly by fire when she was a young girl, it took her family and nearly her life but the inn keepers in the village had her cared for and got her through the pain with love and caring and this has made Helissent the kind and caring woman she is now. Her love of cooking in the inn brings her in contact with mercenary Rhain and he is beautiful in many ways and saves her from a dangerous situation, and now she is travelling with him and his men.

Rhain is a mercenary and a knight he is handsome like no other and keeps himself hidden as much as he can because of his looks but because he has someone very dangerous after him, but when he meets Helissent and tastes her honey cakes even though she is so badly scarred he sees the good in her and cannot help the attraction he immediately feels for her, but he must do what he can to ignore this temptation, he has too much going on in his past and current life but she is strong willed and it is not long before he cannot deny this pull between them.

I really did enjoy this story it is so well told that the characters come to life on the pages there is so much emotion it is so very moving as two people who are bought together in a loving way, yes for me there were tears and so many smiles Helissent is so very strong most people would have given up after what she had been through and Rhain well he is just the most fabulous hero he is so caring and understanding and yes gorgeous. Thank you MS Locke for a fabulous story that I highly recommend.

4/5 stars for a great story

Expected publication: August 1st 2017 by Harlequin

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Catching Captain Nash

Catching Captain Nash

Dashing Widows #6

Anna Campbell

Catching Captain Nash by Anna Campbell

Reviewed by Helen

This is another awesome story in this series and boy it really did bring me to tears so beautifully written with such a joyous ending and one that I can highly recommend. We have met Morwenna in the other stories and we knew that her husband the dashing Captain Robert Nash was missing and declared dead. Morwenna has mourned him for 5 years they have a beautiful daughter that sadly Robert did not know about and now Morwenna has finally returned to London and become a dashing widow and is about to be engaged to another and try to start her life again, that is until the love of her life walks back into the ballroom.

Robert has escaped finally after 5 years of torture and being held captive by pirates but he is a different man than the one that went away scarred physically and mentally and to walk in on the enouncement of an engagement rocks him further. Thinking of Morwenna was the thing that had gotten him through and he has never stopped loving her but is he good enough for her now? He has come back a very different man.

A miracle has come true when Robert walks into that ballroom for Morwenna the emotion that electrifies her body at the sight could light up London oh but she can see the scarring and almost feel the internal hurt that is going on in his mind, but she has done a lot of growing up over the past five years and will do anything to help him back to where they were.

WOW this is a very heart-warming story that will certainly bring out a lot of emotions in the reader the suffering that Robert has gone through and then the strength and such deep love that Morwenna shows him and when he meets his daughter oh the tears of joy. And the spark that they had five years ago has only warmed up a lot in that time they sizzle together. What can I say I loved this story it is an amazing story that shows how strong love is and the joy that that love brings to so many people sigh. Of course it was great seeing Robert back with not only his wife and child but his family and as well. Thank you MS Campbell for another keeper.

5/5 stars for a great story

Published June 30th 2017 by Anna Campbell

Monday, 3 July 2017

Wives of War

Wives of War

Soraya Lane

Wives Of War by Soraya Lane

Reviewed by Helen

WOW what a story so very emotional as three woman become nurses during World War 2 and see things that they will never ever forget and go through emotional trauma, but they save lives and help soldiers through so much. WOW again this is a story that I can highly recommend there will be tears and yes there are a lot of places that will make you smile, I didn’t want to put this one down.

Scarlet comes from a wealthy family she is engaged to Thomas when she decides to become a nurse and help where she can but she is also on the search for Thomas you see no one has heard from him in months and she is nothing if not determined to find him.

Ellie an Irish born happy go lucky girl who comes from a hard working family on the farm wants to help and do her bit, her mother is a midwife and nursing is in her blood but is she really prepared for what she will go through?

Scarlet and Ellie meet at the train station on their way to an adventure that will see them go through a lot of changes, they become best friends fast and are always there for each other through thick and thin I think war time friendships are so wonderful.

Lucy wants to be a Doctor but will do nursing first and she is strong and reliable and learns everything she can but she keeps to herself a bit more than the others.

When Scarlet and Ellie get to Normandy amid the fighting, the bombing and the canvas hospital they meet the seemingly invincible Lucy. Lucy has already seen so much in her short time there but the trio become fast friends. And as each of them journey through events that would make most people faint and runaway these woman help and support each other and their patients and they meet the men who will become their heroes, although their journey to HEAs take some time and fears of them not making it home are ever in their thoughts.

I don’t want to give a lot away but I do highly recommend that you read this book I found it so very moving and compelling, I still have tears while writing this review. MS Lane has written a beautiful story that shows such strength and the passion and character that these woman and men had during such very hard times but also that true love can blossom. Thank you MS Lane for a story that I will not forget.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published July 1st 2017 by Lake Union Publishing

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Wives of War by Soraya Lane

Reviewed by Nas Dean

WIVES OF WAR by author Soraya Lane is a Lake Union Publishing release for July 2017.

This was an epic story of survival with grit and determination during the war. The lives of Lucy, Scarlet and Ellie as depicted on the pages kept me captivated. I cried with them when tragedy befell them and celebrated their triumphs with them.

Author Soraya Lane’s writing is spell-binding. Though this story starts with a bit slower pace but then once you get into it, it will keep a reader enthralled.

Highly recommended for readers. 

Monday, 15 May 2017

Marry in Haste

Marry in Haste

Marriage of Convenience #1

Anne Gracie

Marry in Haste by Anne Gracie

Reviewed by Helen

WOW Oh My God I think I have a new very favourite hero in Calbourne Rutherford Lord Ashendon, Ms Gracie has done it again written a story that is not put downable and just beautiful this one had me laughing, shedding a few tears and just sighing as Cal has his life turned upside down by four very gorgeous and headstrong females, my advice clear the decks and get yourself comfortable and settle in for a fabulous read.

Cal who has returned to England after fighting in the war on the trail of an assassin and finds out that he now has a lot of responsibilities so he decides that he needs a lot of help with his sisters and now a niece he has discovered. He is in Bath and is having a devil of a time with his sisters when he meets the girl’s teacher and determines after a couple of meetings that a wife of convenience should work and he can then get back to finding his assassin, but life doesn’t always turn out the way we plan and Cal is about to find out with his beautiful and very open bride.

Miss Emmaline Westwood is teaching young girls since she left home years before she has no family and does what is needed but she is very independent and says what she thinks, so when she meets Lord Ashendon and he offers her a position as companion that she refuses then the offer of marriage of convenience Emm concedes that this may be just what she needs but of course she will not be walked all over and their wedding night proves that life is going to change for Emm.

I loved this one from page one I was laughing so much throughout, Emm and Cal are just made for each other Emm’s personality works so well with Cal and his idea that these girls, his family will run smoothly and let him get back to what he thinks he should be doing, well maybe not. Seeing Cal come undone by Emm and the girls is marvellous, truly I am speechless and still smiling I cannot recommend this book enough don’t miss out on it whatever you do and woohoo it is the first in a series yay and really I think Cal has taken over from Gideon thank you so much MS Gracie a fabulous story that will stay with me for a long time to come so beautifully written sensual and amazing.

5/5 stars

Published May 2nd 2017 by Berkley

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Charming Sir Charles

Charming Sir Charles

Dashing Widows #5

Anna Campbell

Charming Sir Charles by Anna Campbell

Reviewed by Helen

MS Campbell you have done it again what a story I love your writing voice the sensuality you bring out on the pages the depth of personality from your hero and heroine had me turning the pages sighing, smiling and really cheering them both one because they did need a little push to fund that awesome HEA.

Sally Cowan Countess of Norwood is widowed and has decided that it is time to have some fun so she has come to town to chaperone her niece Meg. Sally’s marriage was not a good one and she has no intention of marrying again she is convinced she is way too old but when the suitor that she has decided would be great for Meg has her falling for his charms what is she to do, someone needs to make her see the truth and a few of her friends the other widows and the wonderful Meg start the ball rolling.

Sir Charles Kinglake has fallen for the beautiful Sally Cowan at first sight and ensures that he is around as much as possible but Sally seems to have her wires crossed on who he is trying to court what is he to do pounce perhaps and with a little help from Meg he has a wonderful sensual afternoon with Sally, but it doesn’t end as he planned.

This one has all the boxes ticked for a fabulous historical romance the setting, the characters I loved Charles he is so good and Sally is as well but she has been hurt before and needs to build that confidence and Charles is perfect for her. Thank you MS Campbell for another story that had me smiling and sighing.

5/5 stars for a great story

Published February 27th 2017

Thursday, 23 March 2017

A Letter from Italy

A Letter from Italy

Pamela Hart

A Letter from Italy by Pamela Hart

Reviewed by Helen

This is a moving story, a story of courage and strength the story of an Australian female journalist who arrives in Italy during World War 1 with her journalist husband and takes on the men and makes a mark in the world for herself and for females it shows how love can grow to such strength during times of intrigue and espionage of rations and hurt and heartbreak.

When journalist Rebecca Quinn is left alone in an Italian village while her husband is off chasing a story she now sees her chance to get off the woman’s pages of the paper and become a war correspondent, this takes a lot of courage to stand up to the men and the ways of the world. Rebecca is alone but knows the other journalists there and having meals at Nonna Rosa’s Trattoria brings her into contact with photographer Alessandro Panucci which starts a journey through some very rough paths and feelings that must be kept close to her heart.

Alessandro Panucci is an American born Italian he has come to Italy to try and do his bit for the war seeing as he can’t enlist in either countries he does what he knows best photographs and with a little push from his Nonna and Rebecca they join together as a team to make a couple of war correspondents who become very close in so many ways friends first but love grows as well, but this is a forbidden love.

This is my first story by MS Hart and won’t be my last beautifully written it pulled me in from the first page so much happening the setting is gorgeous the hardships of wartime and the tragedies that people go through and the descriptions of Sandro’s photos were so real it was like I was looking at them. And of course the moving love story that bought me to tears and then tears of joy at the end wartime brings so much heartache but there is always a shining light. Thank you for a fabulous story.

5/5 stars fro a fabulous story

Published March 14th 2017 by Hachette Australia