Monday, 20 February 2017

The Currency Lass

The Currency Lass

Tea Cooper

The Currency Lass by Tea Cooper

Reviewed by Helen

Who wants to runaway to the circus Catherine Cottingham does after the death of her beloved father and the push for her to marry the wealthy Sydney business man Henry Bartholomew to save their property in The Hunter Valley Catherine takes a risk with the horseman Sergey Petrov whom she meets at one of the first circus performances held in Sydney in 1851, and what a journey this one turns out to be a journey of finding truths and righting wrongs and of course finding love.

Catherine is determined to save the sprawling property that is home to many and loved by her but marrying Henry even though that was her father’s dying wish is not something that Catherine wants she finds him pompous he makes her skin crawl very unlike her first meeting with equestrian Sergey there is a spark a light that connects them instantly and when Sergey steps in to help Catherine when most needed a friendship begins one that will bring them closer together in more ways than just their love of horses.

Sergey and his sister Valentina and their friend circus owner Rudi have been on a mission for the past five years travelling from Hobart Town to Sydney then onto The Hunter Valley to clear the name of Sergey’s brother and bring the real murderer to justice. But meeting Catherine will change Sergey and unknown at the beginning she will help with his mission. She opens his eyes to love and maybe a life together but first they must bring down a forger and murderer and save the property.

This is a beautiful story a story that takes us from Sydney to The Hunter Valley and then onto the gold fields around Bathurst in the 1850’s a time of struggle and hardship for some and lets us see into the lives of the travelling circus and the people who entertain so well, but it is a story of love and truths with characters so rich and engaging. I loved Sergey he is a hero worth his weight in gold a hero of honour and so good with horses and Catherine what a beautiful caring loving heroine she made the perfect partner for Sergey. I highly recommend this trip back in Australian history it is sure to keep you turning the pages as MS Cooper weaves a magical story that had me turning the pages smiling and sighing thank you MS Cooper for a keeper.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Expected publication: February 20th 2017 by Harlequin MIRA