Sunday, 16 June 2019

The Postmistress

The Postmistress

Alison Stuart

The Postmistress by Alison  Stuart

Reviewed by Helen

I love MS Stuart’s books, she has a fabulous way with words and this story is just fabulous, her first set in Australia and can I say how much I loved this one it kept me up very late last night finishing it. I love Adelaide and Caleb, they are wonderful honest characters that have been through a lot and come through with love and friendship, this one is a must read.

Adelaide Lewis had led a secluded and privileged life in England, an only child with an uncaring wealthy father, but at a ball her life changes forever, her and her maid and best friend Netty arrive in Melbourne here she gives birth to her son Daniel and creates a new life for them all. Soon she is taking up the role of postmistress in the small gold mining town of Maiden’s Creek, she is strong and caring. Life is about to change again for Adelaide when a newcomer arrives in town an American with secrets.

Caleb Hunt has arrived in Australia after serving as a confederate soldier what he has seen and been through is enough to bring a man down but her moves on and decides to take his chance at gold mining after winning a claim in a game of chance, he arrives in Maiden’s Creek to find that he has been let down badly. Then he meets the beautiful postmistress and her son and there is a pull toward this woman, he feels that he may be able to open up to her, and then the time comes when he needs to open up to a secret that will help the town and when danger arrives in town in the form of an old friend of Adelaide’s, Caleb steps up and life is about to get a whole lot better for him.

This book is such a page turner, so many emotions it is moving and so well researched and written, it pulled me in from page one, the setting, the characters the depth of friendship and struggle that was a way of life back then. I loved getting to know Caleb and Adelaide the strength they drew from each other had me cheering them on. I do highly recommend this book, it really is a wonderful story, thank you MS Stuart this one is a keeper.

5 stars

Expected publication: June 17th 2019 by HarperCollins