Friday, 25 August 2017

Secret Shores by Ella Carey

Secret Shores

Ella Carey

Secret Shores by Ella Carey

Reviewed by Helen

MS Carey has done it again written a story that is moving, compelling and not put down-able I savoured every word, this one takes us from 1946 to 1987 and where we learn about life after the war and the people who believe in the modernist movement, their lives then and for some now, the loves the loses and the strength that is shown as they journey through ups and downs.

In 1946 Rebecca Swift dreams of being an artist her work is complex and modern her views are very forward and she belongs to a group of likeminded people famous artists and writers of the day, there she meets writer Edward Russell part of one of the big Australian families but Edward is also a different thinker and it is love at first sight for these two, but don’t ever think that true love runs smoothly family tragedy takes its toll on both Rebecca and Edward and Rebecca disappears and Edward does the right thing by his family but never forgets his Rebecca.

In 1987 Edward now widowed decides that it is time to write again and he must write about Rebecca and their lives and her fabulous art work, hence he comes in contact with editor Tess Miller who is not happy about this to start with but Tess falls for the story a true love story as far as she is concerned but Tess is struggling with her own dreams and there are complications between Edward and Tess regarding the story so another editor steps in James and their meetings are filled with sparks not always the good ones their relationship is a very complicated one at best they have a lot to overcome.

Tess feels this tragic story so deeply there is a mystery in it that she needs to uncover, there are so many similarities between Rebecca and Edward and Tess and James has fate bought them together and as the past and present intertwine can love be found again and then open up for Tess and James? This story unravels secrets, heart-ache and a love so deep it lasts through time. I highly recommend this story it is multifaceted, enthralling and just so darn good I didn’t want to put it down thank you MS Carey for another book that is going to stay with me for a long time.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story
Expected publication: September 5th 2017 by Lake Union Publishing

Reviewed by Nas Dean

SECRET SHORES  by author Ella Carey is a September 2017 release by Lake Union Publishing.

I loved this story right from the beginning to the end. It is fast-paced and makes you keep on reading or listening as in my case I had the audio version of it.

Tess Miller as an editor at a big publishing house is stuck with a new writer as the writer she mentored to the top was taken away from her. She was bitter at her boss and the editor, James, who took away her author.

But she decided to work with her new writer and make him a bestseller. The story is engrossing and interesting to read as it takes as back to 1946 then to 1987. And lives and loves in these decades.

Author Ella Carey once again wrote a well-woven story with compelling characters and a moving tale.