Sunday, 22 January 2017

Bride From The Sea

Bride From The Sea

Frances Housden

Bride from the Sea by Frances Housden

Reviewed by Helen

WOW this is such a fabulous story one that kept me turning the pages it is sensual and beautiful sit back relax with a nice drink and see what happens when the beautiful Spanish Celi meets the ruggedly handsome Scott Niall you know men in kilts can't go wrong

Niall is widowed with three daughters the keep he calls home came with the dowry when he married but he spends a lot of time fighting as a mercenary to earn coin to keep everything going and he arrives home to find problems but then he discovers a Selkie on the beach will is Sellie change his life because immediately there is a spark a sense of magic and love.

Celestina is travelling on her father's ship with the Spanish Armada when a storm causes havoc and death but Celi is such a strong woman that she survives and is washed up on a beach and is discovered by a Scottish Laird who believes she is a Selkie who will bring magic and love to his family. But will the secret she keeps change all of that.

For Niall and Celi a tale of Selkies will come true for them when true love blossoms between them their journey is a very sensual tale the characters come to life on the pages they kept me smiling and sighing I truly loved this story and cannot recommend this story enough MS Housden never disappoints and this one left me feeling very happy .

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Expected publication: January 25th 2017 by Escape Publishing