Sunday, 25 December 2016

And Then Mine Enemy

And Then Mine Enemy

Feathers in the Wind #1

Alison Stuart

And Then Mine Enemy by Alison  Stuart

Reviewed Helen

I love stories with historical history in them and MS Stuart knows her history and she has such a way with words that the characters and happenings of the time come to life and take you back in time to journey with them and this one is so moving and fabulous.

Adam Coulter returns to England at a time of unrest with the start of civil war where friends family and neighbours fight against each other for what they believe in but Adam is hardened he has led a life that has seen suffering and injustice but he as everyone choses his side and does what needs to be done.

Perdita Gray has been married widowed and now lives with distant family her marriage was loveless and her husband cruel she is now betrothed to Simon a good man but planning their wedding with a civil war is not easy and things don't go to plan. But when Adam Coulter arrives on the doorstep she as always helps and her life is about to change.

I loved this one from start to finish the written words pull you into the story the characters are like friends and the struggles that these people had to go through back then must have been so hard but wow the strength that is shown by Perdita and Adam is amazing, the good news this is the first book in the series and I cannot wait to find out more about their lives and their love. Thank you MS Stuart for another keep love your stories.

5/5 fabulous story

Published December 25th 2016 by Oportet Publishing