Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Pursuing Lord Pascal

Pursing by Lord Pascal

Dashing Widows #4

Anna Campbell

Pursuing Lord Pascal by Anna Campbell

Reviewed by Helen

Another fabulous story to keep the reader smiling for a few hours MS Campbell has a way with words that will keep you thinking about the characters from one of her stories for a long time after you reach the end.

Amy Mowbray is a widow and a country girl her cows and farm are what make her happy love romance she never thinks of those or maybe once when she was a girl of fourteen but now with her two friends Amy is hitting the season in London only to keep her sister in law company but that could all change when she runs into the one and only person that ever made her heart jump the most handsomest man Lord Pascal.

Gervaise Darcre Lord Pascal has come to London to find a wife the time has come where this needs to be done for a couple of reasons but being who he is the Ladies flock to him being so handsome is not always a good thing and these young girls are not what he wanted but then he spies the most beautiful woman in the room and sets his sights on her and what a find she is but Amy is going to make him work hard to win her over something that has never happened to him before. Let the journey begin.

Truly this is a fabulous story the banter between Gervaise and Amy is awesome you will be smiling and sighing as Amy leads Lord Pascal on one of the most sensual and amazing roads to such a glorious HEA. Don't miss this one grab a drink of your choice sit back and enjoy thank you MS Campbell for another keeper.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published September 30th 2016