Friday, 11 December 2015

1916-ish by Ebonny McKenna


Ebony McKenna

1916-ish by Ebony McKenna

Reviewed by Helen

I am not a big YA reader but I did very much enjoy this one.

Ingrid is from Melbourne and is an exchange student staying in France with the Durand family the twins Luc and Marianne are 16 the same age as Ingrid and for Ingrid trying to treat Luc like a brother is getting very hard for her but she has strict instructions from her mother to be very wary of the boys in France but yes Luc is hot and she is drawn to him.

Luc, Marianne and Ingrid go off to enjoy a re-enactment of war games little realizing that this will change their lives forever as somehow they end up travelling back in time to war torn France in 1916. Their journey to get themselves back home opens their eyes in many ways and Ingrid's Aussie humour will have you smiling as does her need for her medication but of course there is danger and also Ingrid's attraction to Luc is getting stronger and it appears to be reciprocated.

This is an action packed story that had me turning the pages and thoroughly enjoying as the three teenagers throw themselves into danger so as they can get home and to see Ingrid and Luc's friendship turning into more than just friendship really made me smile and I loved the little twist at the end with revenge this is a great story that I highly recommend.

4/5 Stars for a fabulous story

Expected publication: December 12th 2015