Thursday, 5 November 2015

A Pirate For Christmas: A Regency Novella by Anna Campbell

A Pirate For Christmas: A Regency Novella

Anna Campbell

A Pirate for Christmas by Anna Campbell

Reviewed by Helen

This is such a fabulous story the banter is awesome and you will be smiling so much throughout this story I do love a good Christmas story especially at this time of the year and this one is a must.

Elizabeth Farrar Bess as he is know to her friends is one determined lady she has spent her life in this town of Penton Wyck Northumberland she is beautiful caring and very good at making sure things run very smoothly in the village and getting the new Earl to come up to scratch is her main task at the moment.

When Rory inherits the title of Earl of Channing he gives up his seafaring days to take over the estate Penton Abbey from his deceased brother one that he never really knew seeing as how his mother took him away to Scotland to live so the locals are convinced that a Scottish pirate is about to take over the estate and the Vicar's daughter Elizabeth Farrar is determined that the new Earl needs to look after his people on the estate and with the Christmas Eve play coming up it is high time that she met this pirate after all the play cannot go on without one of the star performers.

When you pick this story up you will not want to put it down till you get to the end the journey to such a beautiful HEA is sensual and also very magical as all of the locals lend a hand to bring the estate back to its normal state and with their help Rory and Bess are getting closer even though there was such a spark at their first meeting Rory is smitten and as he tries to convince Bess that they should be together you will be smiling. MS Campbell is an auto buy author for me and has never disappointed me with any of her stories they are beautifully written the characters coming to life on the pages and I highly recommend this one I loved it.

5/5 Stars for a fabulous story

Published October 29th 2015