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THE KING'S MAN by Alison Stuart

The King's Man

Alison Stuart

Reviewed by Helen

The King’s Man by Alison  Stuart
MS Stuart has never disappointed me with her stories and this one is a fabulous read with an adventure and romance set during hard times in England when Charles Stuart king of England is in exile in France and Cromwell is leading England there are of course problems within families and friends as the people take sides and government leaders and the people do what they must to survive.

Thamsine Granville has lost everything she is on the run from the man who would have her as a wife she has not eaten properly in days and in total frustration when she sees the man who is after her she throws a brickbat at none other than Cromwell himself this is so out of character for this well breed Lady, but there is someone else watching her from the crowd and when Thamsine is plucked from the throng of people and rescued by this man her life will change forever.

Captain Christopher Lovell otherwise known as Kit has been through wars exile and so much in his life forced to do things that he is not happy doing but must to save his brother, he gambles to earn money lives of his mistress and is a loyal King's Man plotting to kill Cromwell he has very few friends although lots of acquaintances and he moves around London a lot he is half French and he is a gentleman but the day that he saves Thamsine will alter his life.

I loved this story the emotion and hardships of the day are bought to life on the pages as Kit and Thamsine journey a rough and rocky path filled with treason danger murder and love to find happiness this is a story that will have you crying and feeling so happy for them as they overcome all that is thrown in their path and get their freedom to enjoy their lives. This is the second story in The Guardians of The Crown series and I do highly recommend both of the stories so far and I am very much looking forward to the third one in the series later on this year.

Thank you MS Stuart for another fabulous read one that will be on the keeper shelf and read many times over.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story


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THE KING’S MAN by Alison Stuart is an artfully splendid historical book that will leave you yearning for more!

Ms. Stuart has brought to life characters that are fascinating, compelling and full of life and the plot she has created is so intricately woven that it keeps the pages turning in this entertaining read. Full of depth and realism, this story will rivet you until the end. The dialogues are delivered with weighty assurance and endow the characters with its power. Carefully constructed back story and lofty descriptions add insight into a way of life so long ago.

In THE KING’S MAN, Kit Lovell and Thamsine Granville’s story is told.

Hungry, alone and on the run, Thamsine Granville has lost everything. By lashing out at Oliver Cromwell, the man behind her demise, slugging his coach with a brick, Thamsine has automatically initiated her death wish. But she will fight until the end until a man rescues her from soldiers out to get her. Thamsine falls for her knight only to realize that his betrayal is not worth her love.

Kit Lovell is gambling, womanizer who lives off his wealthy mistress. When not cheating at cards, he’s plotting Oliver Cromwell’s death. But he has his secrets and his demons well kept behind a mask of bravery and rescuing one damsel will not divert him from his motive!

Overall, THE KING’S MAN is guaranteed to keep readers entertained and satisfied with the turn of events in the end.

5/5 Stars

Reviewed by Nas

THE KING’S MAN by author Alison Stuart is a September 2015 release by Escape Publishing.
Kit Lovell and Thamsine Granville are caught up in a web of their own making by chance. 
Thamsine is saved by Kit when she attacks Oliver Cromwell. And she falls in love with her knight.

 What happens when she finds out that Kit is in no way a knight? He’s a gambler and a cheater at cards living off his wealthy mistress?

THE KING’S MAN is set back in history when betrayal, mistresses and lovers ran riot! It’s intriguing and interesting. The story is very well told and goes deep in the intricacies of life long back. I loved escaping into this story and in the unique way which only author Alison Stuart can tell a story.

Highly recommended for readers of historical romances.