Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Lord Somerton's Heir by Alison Stuart

Reviewed by Maria

A stunning Regency romance from the enormously talented Alison Stuart, who has the ability to spin historical stories which will draw in a reader who will simply never wish to return.  LORD SOMERTON’S HEIR is an ESCAPE publication.

There are some secrets which we will carry to our grave.  Isabel, Lady Somerton, doesn’t intend to ever share the truth about  her unhappy marriage with anyone.  She will take her small inheritance, move to the dower house and set up a school for young girls, spending the rest of her existence doing philanthropic works.  But will her dream be realized?  Or will her late, unlamented husband manage to ruin her dreams of a simple, worthwhile life, even from beyond  the grave?

Wounded at Waterloo, Sebastian Alder is stunned to learn that he is the new Lord Somerton.  The memory of the dreadful events he’s witnessed on the battlefield haunt him, as does the memory of his lost love.  But he has no time to grieve.  His Somerton inheritance is mostly debt.  The late Lord Somerton’s life was a shambles of unpaid bills and useless relatives hanging on and draining his estate.  Then there is the question of Lord Somerton’s beautiful widow.  How can Sebastian shatter her dreams tell her that her late husband simply squandered her inheritance in useless living?

A beautifully told story set in a bygone age where life – for some at least – was more leisurely and unhurried, this will certainly please readers of historical romance, particularly Regency romance.  And anyone wishing to try out historicals, Regency or otherwise, would be well advised to start with Alison Stuart.  She’s a magical storyteller.


Reviewed by Nas

I like the way this author, Alison Stuart writes in her unique way. This story is about trust. Can they trust each other or not?  It's the eternal question, whether romance is historical or contemporary.  The one compulsive factor that keeps a reader reading and returning to the book again and again.

Highly recommended for all lovers of historical romance.