Saturday, 25 January 2014


An historical novella set in ancient Rome, when gladiators fought each other in the arena to the death.  The ancient Romans seem to have been a hard-hearted people who enjoyed blood sports.  Particularly the type of blood sports featuring human beings.

The story comes to us through the eyes of Rue, a slave girl who is owned by a family in the gladiator business, gladiatorial entrepreneurs, so to speak.  They own some of these fighters and send them out to do their stuff in the fighting arena. And although Rue can’t see herself nor describe her own looks, she seems to have been what might have been called a ‘comely wench’ in another time and place.  When a fighter wins glory for the house, Rue is sent in to service the winner as a reward.  But she’d better make sure that the worked up fighters don’t leave bruises on her body!  Otherwise, the mistress will think she’s displeased the fighter and punish Rue even more.  Sigh!  Well, every job has its problems.  Rue, however, is a hard working girl and knows how to take the rough with the smooth.  Which is probably just as well, considering her circumstances. 

Then one day, she’s given for the night to Ducius, a new acquisition, after he wins glory in the arena.  And what do you know?  The pair fall in love and have quite an energetic lovemaking session while they’re at it.  But all is not yet well in their world.  Ducius could die in the arena any day.  Rue can still be told by her owner to go in to another fighter if needs must.  Can these lovers ever be together?

An interesting little romance which I enjoyed reading.  I’m afraid I’m one of those boring people who finds sexual description way TMI (too much information).  Some readers love it, however, so it’s fine for  them.  But I liked the story even if I found Rue’s mistress a bit too demanding on the poor young slave girl.  If you like your historical romance set in the ancient world, you’d probably love this.