Thursday, 4 July 2013

Days Of Rakes And Roses

Reviewed by Nas
Days of Rakes and Roses

DAYS OF RAKES AND ROSES by author Anna Campbell is July 2013 release.

Lady Lydia Rothemere doesn't want anymore scandal. She had to ignore Simon Metcalf and go ahead with her planned wedding with another man.

But she couldn't really forget that one passionate kiss she shared with Simon when she was seventeen, could she? Now he was here again, ten years later and asking her not to marry a man who left her cold. Could she put her trust in Simon again?

After all Simon had left her and gone. Left her to face all the scandal alone. Now her father was no more. And her brother had called Simon to try to persuade Lydia to call off her wedding, would she do it? Then her fiancé catches her in a clinch with Simon. He challenges him to a duel to avenge his honour. What would happen now?

DAYS OF RAKES AND ROSES is a beguiling romance that tugged at my heartstrings and kept me enthralled from the beginning to end. Author Anna Campbell takes you on a thrilling journey with Ladies and Rakes and romances. It is written with warmth, compassion and charm. It is another sensational story from the superb pen of Anna Campbell.