Sunday, 28 July 2013

A Rakes Midnight Kiss by Anna Campbell

Reviewed by Nas

A RAKE’S MIDNIGHT KISS is a September 2013 release by author Anna Campbell.

The day Richard Harmsworth broke into the vicarage to look for the Harmsworth jewel was the most exciting day of Genevieve Barrett’s life. She felt something while being held in the burglar’s arms. After he locked her in and without taking anything from her home walked away, she was intrigued.

So, when she met Richard in the guise of simple Mr. Evans, she had the niggling feeling she knew him. Of course, she remembered his cologne.  

Richard Harmsworth was just after the Harmsworth jewel that would give him his rightful place in the society. He was a born bastard and had to endure it. But the jewel was bequeathed to Genevieve. And she had no intention of selling or parting with it. How would Richard get it from her? And now there were more people after it.

A RAKE’S MIDNIGHT KISS is a sensational romance, which is filled with mystery and danger as well as intrigue. The dialogue is fast and witty. This is another fabulous mesmerizing romance from the brilliant regency romance author Anna Campbell.