Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Secrets In Time by Alison Stuart

Reviewed by Maria

Dr. Jessica Shepherd can hardly believe her eyes when a cavalier from seventeenth century England tumbles into her garden.  To make thing supremely complicated, he's war wounded - from the English Civil War in the seventeenth century.  Well, musket ball wounds aren't common in the modern age.  Jessica does her best, however.  I mean, you can't exactly turn up at the local hospital with mortal wounds and expect to get away without a few questions.

This is a charming timeslip story - an historical fantasy in which people fall in love with each other across the centuries.  Nathaniel Preston certainly has all the positive attributes one expects of an alpha male - the excellent physique, the bravery, the charm.  Enough to put a girl in quite a nostalgic mood - as in gone are the days when men were men etc.  That Jessica's quite a lucky girl.

However, as the story unfolds, it transpires that Nat didn't reach the modern era all by himself.  Moreover, he came to the twentieth century with a mission.

The twentieth century?  Yes, the story is set in 1995, which wasn't really that long ago.  So Nat has to get to grips with cars, bicycles and television.  It would have been something amazing to see him grapple with the netbook and the smartphone.  This love story is something that gripped me from start to finish.  You  keep on wondering will things work out, will the couple ever be able to legitimately bring their two worlds together.

All in all, a piece of innovative romantic fiction which will probably please readers of fantasy romance, historical romance, contemporary romance and even medical romance.  Highly recommended.