Thursday, 11 October 2012

Lady Rascal by Christina Hollis

Reviewed by Nas

Lady Rascal: Regency Romance

LADY RASCAL by USA Bestselling Author Christina Hollis is October 2012 release.

Madeleine was out on the town looting for food with her comrades during the1789 riot in Paris when she espies a gown shop untouched by the riots. She broke in and started trying on beautiful clothes and shoes. Then all of a sudden she is `rescued' by an Englishman, who mistook her to be a Lady trapped by the mob.
He puts her in his carriage and drove off. And Madeleine believed she was being kidnapped. Then she found out he was Philip Adamson and he was on vacation in Paris. But after the riot he urged his mother to go back to England. Then he offers Madeleine a job as his mother's companion.

Would Madeleine keep up the pretence of being a lady? How long her deceit would remain uncovered? What would happen when she is exposed?

Living at Philip's English estate she found out he had secrets. She tried to help and later Philip is thrown into prison. What would happen to Madeleine and his mother now?

LADY RASCAL is an engrossing regency historical romance which would keep a reader engaged. Author Christina Hollis imbued her narrative with evocative period and atmospheric detail.

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Reviewed by Desere

Having only read modern romances by Christina Hollis (they are simply to die for) and not knowing what to expect when a favourite author crosses over to a new genre,I was very pleasantly surprised after reading Lady Rascal.

The author certainly proved she can write romance no matter which time period. The backdrop was so vividly depicted it was as if I could touch the stunning detail in which the author conveyed her story to me as reader.

The twist of Madeleine not being a real lady and really a "rascal" was stunning ,
I for one would be truly uncomfortable ,pretending to be a lady but to keep up the appearance for so long is art!

I loved the characters as each was unique in their own right. I have found that some historcal's can seem to drag on and on,but the author kept me on the edge of my seat and I simply could not stop reading till the very end.

Well done Christina 

5/5 star review