Saturday, 26 May 2012

Another Country by Kate Hewitt

Reviewed By Nas

ANOTHER COUNTRY is book two is of the Emigrants trilogy by author Kate Hewitt. The story takes ten years after being left off in book one, FAR HORIZONS.

Henrietta Campbell has married Allan MacDougall and now they have three children. They have their own homestead andfarm.
Meanwhile Henrietta’s younger sister Eleanor Campbell is orphaned andwidowed. She sets off to meet her younger brother Ian, who had run off from home. Ian is a doctor now and Eleanor comes to stay with him. On the journey she meets Caroline Reid. Caroline is spoilt and has lofty dreams of being launched into the society by her uncle.

What will happen when Caroline’s uncle and Eleanor’s brother Ian collide? After all he was responsible for a very young Ian running away from home. Eleanor, Caroline and Ian’s lives are in a dangerous entanglement. Amid family illness, danger and doubts of their own hearts this family strive to reach for their dreams in a new country.

ANOTHER COUNTRY continues the family saga and is engrossing enough to keep a reader riveted throughout. The story is gripping and absorbing and the characters triumph against the odds will make readers leave emotionally fulfilled. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, Kate
Hewitt imbues her narrative with evocative period and atmospheric detail. This
historical romance is another breathtaking example of author Kate Hewitt’s outstanding storytelling prowess.